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    The Stork Box is a new and exciting Irish company specializing in products for Mum and Baby, including a prepacked Maternity Hospital Box, Gift Boxes for Baby and new Mum and simple, stylish baby and toddler kidswear. Brought to you by sister duo, both of which are Mums themselves, Sophie Cafolla, a Sponsorship and Marketing consultant and Dr Vicky O’Dwyer, who has worked in Obstetrics and Gynecology for the last 11 years. 

    70% of Mums found preparing their hospital bags either, daunting, time-consuming or stressful and 83% waited until they were at least 32 weeks pregnant before they began to make their bag according to a recent survey carried out by The Stork Box. The Stork Box’s aim is to help parents get ready for their new arrival in a simple, stress-free way, all you have to do is go online,, click which Maternity hospital box you wish to purchase and have it shipped directly to your home, it’s that easy! With Baby showers becoming ever more popular in the Ireland these boxes are the perfect yet practical present for any guest to give the Mum-to-be.  

    The Stork Box’s Maternity Hospital Box contains the Mum Bag and the Baby Bag, both of which contain the essential products Mum and Baby need for their 2-3-day hospital stay, each come in a bespoke laundry style bag and can be purchased individually or together. Key products include, Elave’s daily lip balm, Uriage shower gel and thermal water spray, Nia’s Just balm, Maternity pads, Sudocrem care and product and a sample of Lanolin Nipple cream, Breast pads and Milk storage bags as 80% of people surveyed said they breastfed or attempted to breastfeed.

    The Stork Box Gift range includes Baby Gift Boxes, the Newborn Stork Box, the Night Night Stork Box which plays on the bath, bottle, bed routine, a favourite of many Mums and the Mini Mono Stork Box, the Welcome Home and the Starry Night Gift Box. We also have a New Mum Gift Box, the perfect present to buy your wife, daughter, sister or friend to show that it’s not all about baby, we do know how much Mum goes through during pregnancy, labour and thereafter!

    We are committed to providing a service that grows with you; we research, we invest our time and use our knowledge to find the best and most appropriate products for Mum and Baby. We have more exciting boxes and products coming to the range soon so be sure to keep an eye out!

    Our Vision – the reason for being

    We believe that in today’s connected world information overload is stressful for people seeking truth and simplicity, especially for new or expectant parents. We want to help people enjoy the journey of parenthood, by providing them with clear and accessible products that will help and support their adventure.

    Our Mission – the reason for doing

    We believe in the simple not the complex. Everything we do is designed to make the transition and journey of parenthood easier.

    Our Ambition – the brand platform

    We are committed to providing a service that grows with you, we research, we invest our time and use our knowledge to find the best and most appropriate products for you and your child.